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  • Disjunct

BAND MEMBERS Ryan Dunn, Ogo Eion
GENRE Experimental and Other
RECORD LABEL liscentric, BelowPDX
SOUNDS LIKE An expanding universe of your mother's lost phone calls, puddles of ice cream floating just over the Willamette, and theramins in boot camp constrained inside the boundaries of the singularity your great aunt secretly keeps under her hydrangeas.
INFLUENCES urban, rural, + nonextant environments
Disjunct is an audio/visual group conflating performative sound and visual elements. Disjunct has Disjunct splits the physical and the transitory, the discrete and the expansive. Televisions and tapes, rumbles and trumpets, rationalist and transcendent, Disjunct is at once separate and contained, sound and vision.
Prepare for Disjunct, or come without warning.
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