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  • Moonshine Hangover

Moonshine Hangover
BAND MEMBERS YD, Kris, Willie, Greg
GENRE Classic Rock, Country and Southern Rock
RECORD LABEL Drunkerd's Dream Recording Company
SOUNDS LIKE Marshall Tucker, Waylon Jennings, and Skynyrd
INFLUENCES Alcohol, Sex, Merle Haggard & Jesus Christ.
Moonshine Hangover plays American Music. With roots planted from Georgia to Minnesota, Washington to North Carolina, North Dakota to Idaho, this band has grown its own genus of music amongst the lush timberlands of Oregon. There is an undeniable twang in the music Moonshine Hangover makes - a twang steeped in the souls and calloused hands of Americas everyman. There is an unmistakable grit to this sound - it is Rock n Roll and whisky and blood and bone. There is an unwavering connection to the people and places where each of these men have been, and to their histories. This is music to drink to, music to dance to, music to love by, music to fight by and music to pray to. Moonshine Hangover tells a story...
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