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  • The Jennifer Echo

The Jennifer Echo

GENRE Power Pop
INFLUENCES Descendents, Husker Du, Rocket From The Crypt, Doughboys, Samiam, Big Drill Car, Redd Kross, The New Pornographers, The Smiths, Texas Is The Reason, Leatherface ect.
YEARS TOGETHER less than 1
From the wreckage of Wisconsin pop punk band "Ben Grim" comes The Jennifer Echo. Peter Saturday(vocal/Bass) and Joel Vega(voclas/guitar) met up once again this time in Portland, Oregon. It wasn't long before the idea of a rock band entered their minds and hearts. With nothing left to lose they began writing their signature brand of guitar pop while auditioning dozens of guitar players without the right match. Finally though, one grey drizzling portland afternoon, they met The Express, ex-"Break Up"(Santa Barbara, CA) guitarist. It took no more than 30 seconds of listening to him play to realize that he was the perfect match. The songs and ideas began to truely take form and excitement was in the air once again. With the Express's creative influence pushing the songs to a higher level the picture was clear.A drummer was needed to complete the band. After what seemed like an eternity searching for the perfect match in skill and character they met Jim Wadsworth of Reno Nevada(Ex-Boyfriends, Vae Victus). It was an omen upon first meeting Jim, just by his "Descendents" tattoo on his leg alone that he would be the one who would beat the skins and push the songs even further than originally imagined.The line-up is complete. With nothing more than their honesty and the love of creation-they are now beginning again.

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